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How to rebuild your wardrobe | under $100.

How to rebuild your wardrobe | under $100.

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How to rebuild your wardrobe.

Want to know how to rebuild your wardrobe after purging your closet? Today on TPS this is what we’re talking about! With a new season approaching, another wardrobe purge was just what I needed. While I got rid of a few things last year, I am getting rid of more this season. Weight loss and change in style played a factor. Plus, I wanted to give this chic yet minimalist trend a try. I mean the more items I can put into rotation the better right? Especially, if I can pack it all in a carry-on.  Wishful thinking, lol I know.

I am very grateful for my background in fashion, so I knew where to start. However, this blog post is to help women with their wardrobe if they are seeking a change from the average business casual. From Banana Republic to Nordstrom to H&M, let’s build your wardrobe around staple pieces for under $100.

For me, I started with basic staple pieces and colors. For the color, I went for neutrals-beige, white, black, the usual suspects. The staple pieces I choose were blazers, slacks, dresses, leggings, and button-ups. You can easily get a week’s worth of outfits from these 5 pieces. From pairing your dress with a blazer, or dressing your button-up down with your leggings, are just a few ways to style these versatile items. Below I’ve created a few visuals to get your brain and creativity going.

Outfit option 1:

Outfit option 2:

Outfits option 3:

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