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5 Amazing Red Matte Lipsticks you need to buy now.

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The red lip looks good on you” 

I received this compliment from a man and of course, I knew it was complimented but of course, my mind was somewhere else. I didn’t find it disrespectful, I just-my mind was elsewhere. And of course, my facial expression didn’t give that vibe off. Nonetheless, I made it right and smiled. 

I am not sure why I shared that short story but here’s the blog post lol

Can we agree that a bold red lip is always a great idea? While some individuals still shy away from the bold color, a red lip is an effortless, classic, and timeless staple to have in your makeup bag. We always talk about fashion trends repeating themselves here on the blog, it’s the same with beauty trends. Black eyeliner and a red lip make a great tag team within the beauty industry. While a gloss lip might be a popular trend at the moment, I will be sticking to matte. Outside of vanity reasons, I love the fact that my red matte lip won’t smear while I sip on my latte.

Don’t worry, I’ve rounded up a few brands that will give you the same results of keeping your red lip alive after a meal. Yes, at every price point as well.  Tip, if you 

My top 5 Best Red Matte lipsticks.

MAC Ruby Whoo

Can you believe out of all the years I’ve been wearing lipstick, I never purchased the ever-popular Ruby Woo? I know I know I KNOW!!! But I wanted to explore other brands, but I would always come back to MAC. And I did, just to purchase this lipstick. 

Inappropriate Red- NARS

We all know that NARS is my go-to brand when it comes to makeup. So there’s no question that I’ve tested the waters when it comes to their red lips sticks. However, I do find myself replacing my lipstick after a meal or so. But nonetheless, this is a great buy. 

Maybelle- SuperStay 

This was the first red lipstick that I received as a gift from a brand. I have been a fan ever since. Under $15 and a worthy restock item.

The Lip Bar- Hot Momma

For me, this line doesn’t disappoint. Not only it’s black-owned, but the product is superior. The cost is under $15 as well and I can honestly say it stays on very, very well. 

Comment below and share if you’ve tried any of these brands mentioned above.


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