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Relationship goals…What are yours?

Relationship goals…What are yours?

Hey Snobs,

My site has been down due to a major changes and etc, but this topic has been plaguing my brain since last week.
 On social media period, they have these hashtags called “Relationship Goals” which basically is a picture of the couple having matching Jordans or high end shoes. 
That’s all fine and great that you and your boo want matching things, but is that really a relationship goal for you both?

Okay if these are kids, then sure they get some kind of pass because maybe they didn’t have a positive person in their life to teach them that goals are just material things. But if these are adults and they haven’t learned by now…all I can say is wow. That’s what you really have to look forward too??? Matching shoes??? What about kids? Having respect for each other, and having your kids get to private school, or a family vacation home . My goals may not be your but matching shoes??? Come on yall let’s set an example. No matter who you are or what you do your being watched.

So what are some examples of for your relationship goals?!

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