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Review: Stemulation


I am completely obsessed with skincare as I am with fashion, let’s be clear! So I was sent this amazing daily facial and body micro derm scrub. The luxury skincare line is called Stemulation.

What’s it about?

Since everything in your body slows down with age as you get older, this also includes regeneration of skin cells.  Stemulation products were designed to mimic this natural regeneration so when you age, your skin doesn’t have too! With the use of this daily luxury line, your body will produce new healthy skin cells to reduce aging.

What are the benefits?

-Visibly reduces surface wrinkles

-Diminish the appearance of sunspots

-Tightens Skin

-Smooth Fine lines

My Realness

It is a gentle scrub that can be used everyday with a great lemon scent! I don’t have any wrinkles or fine lines so it was hard for me to give a review inregards to sunspots and fine lines, etc. It feels really great on my face and body, there were no breakouts and I used the product for 30 days before writing this review do I can give you my honest feedback.

If you want more information about Stemulation visit the website.


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