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Review: The Miracle Entrepreneur

I had the pleasure of reading the latest material from Romona Clay. The Miracle Entrepreneur, an entrepreneur book that is based on biblical principles. To summarize the book up without giving it away, Romona’s goal is to simply inspire others to think and use your God given talent to make a living from it.

Book review


What’s it about?

This book/workbook is great for faith-based and first-time individuals who want to work for themselves but not sure where to start, where to go, etc.


My Truth:

I enjoyed it! It was a quick read full of information and insight on entrepreneurship! I liked the fact that Ramona had detailed ingredients that made up an entrepreneur such as leadership skills, being a creative person and more. She also gave a few examples of an Ordinary person and a Creative person. It speaks to the truth on so many levels and I highly recommend this book to people who are in business and thinking about being in business for themselves. There are roadblocks, obstacles and great challenge facing you head and it will not be easy. FYI there are great resources for building your business within this book as well.


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