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Rodan+Fields (review)

Hey Snobs
Two to three weeks ago I received a package from Rodan and Fields. These women are the two dermatologist that are behind Proactive. So for sure I wanted to see what they have to offer outside of that company. This came just in time because I have been wanting to find a facial products for my skin type and etc. I have been using the drug store stuff but I knew it was time to upgrade sooner or later. So I deiced to give Rodan and Fields a try.
What is it?
A regimen for the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness.
My Realness: I am 27 years and my skin still has not lines and etc.
Other things that this product is suppose to do?
-Replenishes skins natural-moisturizing factors through vitamins A,C, and E and other vital skin Nutrients.
-Hydrates and increases skin elasticity.
My Realness: Honestly I couldn’t see any difference, maybe I need to use it for two more weeks. And over time since it dose prevent wrinkles, I might see that when I’m 70 but right now I can’t see the difference.
Overall: It is a genital exfoliate which is good because we are entering spring and I want my skin to great when I am not in the mood to wear make up. I would suggest this to product use to anyone that my age because I believe you should start early with your ageless facial products as early as you can. They also have another line for blemishes that I wouldn’t mind trying.
Retails for $170-$200.



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