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Sarah Flint Luxury Shoes | Worth the investment?

I came across Sarah Flint’s Luxury shoes back in 2020 on Instagram. From there, I became an ambassador and really got to know the Sarah Flint brand. Since the Spring/Summer season is officially upon us, I couldn’t help but showcase their latest collection. But, before we get into the Spring collection, let’s chat about why Sarah Flint’s luxury shoes are a must-have investment.

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Sarah Flint Shoes-Comfort and inclusion in size.

If you are seeking to dip your toe into the luxury shoe game, Sarah Flint would be a great choice. I cannot stress enough about comfort. I’ve heard that some designer shoes are painful. But the moment I put the number 70 perfect bootie on, it fits like a glove. And I’ve had these booties going on for two years. With some slight creases, they are comfortable to walk in and on-trend for the Fall and Winter seasons. Sarah Flint also goes up to a size 13. I wear a size 11 and the boots fit perfectly. However, for the perfect pump heel, I wear a size 42 ½. 

Sarah Flint Shoes- The Investment.

Sarah Flint Luxury Shoes

The common price range I’ve seen for a pair of Sarah Flint shoes is $445, the highest I’ve seen is $775 for a pair of riding boots. The lowest price I’ve seen was $225 for the Mirjana sandals. I can honestly say, I’ve gotten more than the cost per wear when it comes to the booties.

Spring/Summer styles.

Sarah Flint just launched their Spring/Summer styles. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite shoes below. I usually go for the highest heel height lol.

In conclusion, yes! Sarah Flint’s shoes are worth the investment. They are timeless, comfortable, and worthy to add to your wardrobe. This brand would be perfect for the woman that’s going back to the office, revamping their image, and more. From price point to quality, Sarah Flint shoes deliver 100%.

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