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See the world in 60 sec

See the world in 60 sec

Hello miss me?! I know it’s been almost a month but I will make sure to keep posting a few things a month or at least twice of week if I am having soooo much fun. But let’s get to it

The weekend was full of events, and it has been a while since I had time to go out and enjoy myslef from a point of view of guest instead of a worker. 
Tonight’s event was held at the Ritz Carlton here in Caylton,Mo. See the world is 60 min was presented by Empress Consulting. The Fashion show it’s self brought couture items flown in from all around the world. There was even a dress that is actually own by a princess that was worn during the show.

I must say enjoyed this event from cocktail to the end of the show. I am so grateful to had attend this event as a guest and would love to attend another one.

Finally, just to inform you Empress Consulting is a Human Resources training and development firm established to enhance individuals and corporate entites by improving and enhancing the skills of  the workforce  and gain a better understanding I the business environment in which they operate.  

For business or if you want more information please contact the CEO of Empress Consulting Marikit Castro Villasis (314) 518-3337

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