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Shades of Pink-Rimmel Stay Matte


Shades of Pink-Rimmel Stay Matte

Happy PINK Monday Snobs! Okay, naw it’s just a regular Monday.  As you know, Pink is my fave color and I am happy to wear it on a daily basis. I love the matte look and my go to even for the winter. Lately, the shade of Pink I’ve been wearing is Pink Bliss by Rimmel London.  Not only does it goes great with my skin tone, but the color just makes everything pop with any outfit I have on. It’s very pigmented and under $7.

The only problem is that it comes off of course after I eat and there are traces around my coffee cup. There are matte liquid lip colors out there that are true to staying on all say with hardly adding another application-this is not one of them.

Overall its a great color and great price, but if you’re looking for a matte liquor to stay, this isn’t the one. Be prepared to keep applying after every meal. Have you tried it yet, or seen reviews on this product? Comment and share below in the comment section snobs!


What’s on my Face:

Foundation: Fenty 410

Setting powder: Sashsca Cosmetics -ButterCup

Blush: Tarte (I forgot the colors so shop these) >>>> Here and Here.

**Eyeliner: Tarte 

Lashes: EyeLure (it was a blogger series, IDK where the box is. But I my faves are )>>> here and here 

Lips: Rimmel London Pink Bliss.

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Pot Brown.



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