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Should women make the first move?

Have you ever vibe with the opposite sex so much to the point they make you laugh? You two are playful and then you think “I wouldn’t mind going out with him, but he should make the first move, he should ask me right?”

Should we as women wait for the guy to make the first move? Too often we get caught up in being labeled as aggressive, desperate, etc. But I do believe that with most women, this is not the case-we just simply know what we want! The connection is there and strong enough so why not go for it? Fear of loss, rejection? I took this question to the most honest place I know…Facebook.

25-35 Said this

“A woman should do whatever the hell she wants!”

“Um yeah. Lol. My favorite motto: you might as well ask, because even if they say no, you’re breaking even. (Works for so many things!!!)”

“If you want to ask, ask! If they don’t appreciate it, then they’re not right for you.”

“I think she should! It’s such an old-school things for guys to have to make the move. I think most guys (especially shy guys) appreciate the gesture and it shows confidence. If a guy is scared by that or labels her as aggressive, then I think she can do better than him!”

While 40 + said this

“Nothing wrong with starting a convo with a guy, introducing yourself, showing that you’re interested, but I would not ask a guy out. Leave something for him to do, because if you don’t, you’ll never shake that nagging feeling that he’s just along for the ride/just going out with you because you asked him to”

“I did this once and personally it made me feel powerless and I felt like I was walking on egg shells because I didn’t want to mess things up and also.., I didn’t feel as if he was as attracted to me because I approached him first. Id rather be the one pursued than the one doing the pursuing. This is just my lil story”

The one thing I can advise you to do to overcome is pondering though, it to ask your father or a father figure in your life that you respect. Men think entirely different than women. Remeber we have all the power, when it comes to giving out the number, should there be a second date, and getting the ring. In the end you can take the advice or leave it.

I asked a male friend who simply said this-

“ Most guys would love it. Shows she is into him and has balls. Guys can get tired with making all the running sometimes. Guys get a lot of rejections so to be asked is nice.”

So snobs, would you make the first move? And let’s just say it’s harmless as asking for coffee or hanging out?


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