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SnakeSkin, the next pattern to take over Spring?

SnakeSkin, the next pattern to take over Spring?

It’s a pattern that I am seeing everywhere-Snakeskin. From boots to skirts, I am lowkey becoming obsessed with the pattern. I’ve never been in favor of it, you all know my fave pattern is Leppard. Because I have a big and bold personality, I can pull off this snakeskin trend. I believe this will be popular until Spring, then come back in the Fall. Now I only own a pair of shoes that are snakeskin, however, that’s about to change.

Below I’ve gathered some fashionable items from great retailers that can get your closet Spring ready. Like this orange skin shirt here or even this blouse seen here. Below I created some amazing shoppable items featuring the sexy pattern. Got anything SnakeSkin in your closet? Comment and share below.

Snake Skin Shopping

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