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Snob Holiday Gift Guide!

Snob Holiday Gift Guide!

Hola Snobs,

So you know how I am obsessed with skin-well my skin at least. I recently received AMAZING products; body lotion courtesy of FarmHouse, a pair of athletic pants by AHNU, along with some amazing coffee scrub, by FRANKBODY so let’s get to the reviews and why they would make affordable gifts for the holidays.


FARMHOUSE Marshmallow melt: Body lotion



The company released it’s latest collection give in time for the holidays Marshmallow Melt shea butter cream and all purpose balm.It’s 97% natural  shea butter enriched formula is vegan and gluten free. As the seasons change the weather change. It’s getting cold, this product will hydrate the skin and nourish dry skin. Prices ranges from $12 is the cost for the all-purpose lip balm, $14 for the hand cream and $30 for the body cream. Which comes in an 8oz glass bottle and pump.



I received the body cream and the texture resembles a melted marshmallow. If you have never created a s’mores, you need to in order to experience what I am talking about lol. It’s not greasy and gives you the correct amount to shine. It goes on completely smooth as well.



frank bod  



So this scrub has been around for a while but I just recently stumbled on it? Why? Anyways, it’s a coffee scrub and I mean real freshly ground robusta coffee. Just when you open it smells like a Starbucks! It’s known for targeting cellulite and skin imperfections. I suggest you take only half a handful. Additional add in’s are brown sugar and sea salt to smooth lumps and bumps.( Starting products $14.95 )




I am in love and for sure will be adding this to my collection with their additional body products. This can be used on the face as well. It’s rough, it’s messy but once it’s all done and over with, it leaves your body fully moisturized, hints the cold pressed sweet almond oil that’s added into it. As I mention above, you should only take half a hand full to start off. The bag should last you a week if you are using it every other day.


RioLegging_hires_Back (1) RioLegging_hires_Front


With the Holidays coming up very soon, working out has to still be a part of your daily ritual.  This brand is known for having multitasking performance products. And these leggings are it! ($80)


These leggings stretch but at the same time they kept coming down when I was working out. I do pilates, cardio and weight lifting.  They are AMAZING for cold weather, I really love that. I don’t have to put on extra thin leggings under these. I appreciate that factor! Other than that


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