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Snob Luxe: Irresistible me Hair

Snob Luxe: Irresistible me Hair

xx Snob Luxe: Irresistible me Hair xx


 The brand that will kick this week off is Irresistible Me Hair extensions.  I am obsessed with it- It’s my #SnobLuxe item of the week, so let’s jump into why this brand made my very exclusive list.


x Great Quality x

So the company reached out to me a month or so ago wanting me to review and etc. That happened in December, my hair arrived sometime in February. Why the long wait? Simply because each and every extension set is individually and manually made. The choice hair I selected was the Royal Remey. I wanted to make sure that it blended well with African American hair along with it being enough for my head. I just think I have a big head lol.

Hair- Royal Remey

Color- 1B

Grams- 140

Inches- 18


x My Truth x

Honestly, I wasn’t sure this would be enough hair. I am use to bundles and bundles lol. So was I more than nervous-yes! But they ended up working out perfectly. The clips and length were more than enough, The hair is very beautiful and very soft. The extensions blended entirely well with my own hair and there was hardly any shedding. Although my hair is very full, I should have opt for the 200 grams for a fuller look. 

xx Care and Styling xx

After a few wears, it did get gritty and it was time to wash the extensions. I just simply washed and condition (I used the Redken Frizz dismiss line) each extension SEPARATELY along with letting the clip-ins air dry overnight on a bath towel.  Make sure you gently brush or with a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair before the washing process. It’s recommended to wash the clip-ins every 5 to 6 wears.  You are not to sleep in them but it was my bday weekend and well…let’s just say after taking off my make up- I was done for the night LOL!

 Do make sure that your shampoo and conditioner is specially for chemically treated hair, and handle with care. Once you get the hang of your clip ins, it only takes you less than 15 mins to part and clip in the extensions. I am pretty basic when it comes to my hair depending on the mood I am in. Part down the middle or on the side dose it for me. I did manage to flatiron and curl the extensions as – so the extensions holds the desired style for the day.

The communication between the marketing manger (Madison) and I was everything I wanted! Like I stated before, I am new to world of clip-in extensions and wanted to make sure I was handling everything right. From the right shampoo to how to care for the hair-Madison answered every question to my liking and was very patient too! There is no doubt I will be ordering from the site.



Starting price ranges : $150 on up

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