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Snob Luxe: Kawaii Girls Cosmetics

Snob Luxe: Kawaii Girls Cosmetics

Snob Luxe: Kawaii Girls Cosmetics

There is nothing that I love more than eyelashes to complete my look. Whether it’s day to day or date night, I love me some lashes. The thicker and more natural the better! I started wearing them when I was 15 and I have been addicted ever since. Strips to individuals I know how to put them on.

I came across Kawaii Girl Cosmetics by founder and business woman (who also humors me on FB from time to time) Dorian Smith-Garcia. Kawaii (Japanese for cute) Girl Cosmetics was created by Dorian because she was unable to find the perfect pair of flutter lashes. With her personal connection and love for Japan, there are 8 styles named after popular Districts in Tokyo. These lashes are handmade and ranges from Human hair, Mink and Mink 3d.  Now let’s get into my truth…..

xx My truth xx

I adore them and wouldn’t mind adding them on my beauty list of items to buy for the month. The lashes are full can be reused multiple times.The lashes are very lightweight and it’s the perfect length as well! Also, be very careful as to how you clean your strips. It can easily lift up with the entire strip that holds the lashes together. I love these lashes and the how they completed my over all look.

Starting prices for the lashes are $12 and up.

Lashes I was sent: Shibuya ($28) 


Instagram: @Kawaiigirlcosmetics


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