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Snob Luxe: The official pants of the year

 x Snob Luxe: The official pants of the year x

To those who know me, I love to have a #allblackeverythang moment here and there. Since I am a stylist, black is majority of my wardrobe. No doubt I can buy the same pair of black jeans and not think twice about it.

I’ve been seeing these pants lately and now subconsciously I want a pair of them. Lace up leather leggings, and they also happen to come in denim as well. They have been seen on models such as Kendell Jenner to Miranda Kerr and I must say I need them in my closet. They come in a variety of styles and they screams edge , and yes, it’s something I have to BUY BUY BUY now!! Below I paired a few style ideas that can complete. Tell me what you think about them? Would you rock them too? Share and comment below. 

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