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Snob Tour Summer Of Style Day 3 : New York City

Hey Snob,

Got back into the country from London and I am back in States! Had to check in on my girl Ellese of  Ellese in the City . Be sure to follow and check her site as well as her social media! @Elleseinthecity on Instagram.

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What are your Summer must have items?

It’s funny, the first thing that comes to mind is sunscreen. I am well trained to not step outside without applying a

good healthy protective layer. I have been using Coola this year to prevent skin damage. Healthy skin is


After that, I must have really comfortable yet stylish sandals that can handle the New York City pavement well. I

am still looking for the perfect pair. This city just rips apart shoes from the all the walking! Lastly, I must have the

perfect summer dress that I can wear over and over again yet make it different each time.

How would you describe your overall style?

I’d say my style is pretty simple, very minimalist. I love V neck T’s paired with slacks, or maxi dresses I can just

throw on and walk out the door. I am fairly active to say the least, and I dress to fit that lifestyle. I don’t want to

worry about my skirt riding up while walking, or if I am accidentally flashing the person sitting across from me on

the subway. Occasionally I like to add a few fun accessories like a clutch, or a necklace to make the outfit pop a bit


What makes the perfect Summer outfit?

A maxi dress that when you put it on, nothing else needs to be added. It is my ultimate summer go to for days I

need to dress up a bit more but don’t want to worry about matching. That plus some sunglasses and I am good to



What is the one item you think every woman should have in her closet and why?

A piece from Chanel. I know what everyone is thinking. Chanel is so expensive! But it doesn’t need to be a huge

purse. A pair of sandals, a necklace or earrings is perfect. I might be minimalist, but I do believe in treating yourself

to nice things. There is no better feeling than taking a glimpse into my closet and seeing the Chanel box.

Especially on tough days, it is such a great reminder that “I got this, I am worth it, I deserve the best.” There is no

other feeling quiet like it. Every woman should feel special and have a really nice piece of Chanel in her closet.

Name the one accessory that you cannot live without?

This summer, it would have to be my Urban Expression three-way purse. It can be worn as a cross-body, turned

into a wristlet, or used as a clutch. I love the zipper pocket that folds over that carries my keys and cards, while the

side pocket is just the right size for my phone. It gives me the freedom to change styles easily without having to

change purses. It is the best invention ever!

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