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SnobLuxe: Flora &Ruffles

SnobLuxe: Flora &Ruffles

SnobLuxe: Flora &Ruffles

I am recovering from Vacation as well as locating my website from the upside down. I am ready for Spring to hit the MidWest, but until then I can blog about its fashions. Floral and Ruffles are the best match for both Summer and Spring. You all know that I am a girly girl so this is the perfect combination. Below I gathered a collage of great Luxe pieces that you can enjoy and wear many times throughout the season. Also, Margaux — Collective exclusive! Take 15% with code SHOPSTYLE15.


(TOP ROW) onetwo/three/ four// >> Margaux Brand use the code for these items!!

(Bottom Row) one/ two/ three/four//





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