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Snob Tour Summer of Style Day 2: London, England

Hey Snobs,
So when I said we were on world tour, we actually are! We landed in London, but before we get some fish and chips, I had to ask my dapper and handsome new mate Adam of The Male Stylist what is his #Summerofstyle. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter! 
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What are your Summer must have items?
A good pair of sunglasses is a must, something classic and elegant to help compliment my styles.
Good quality but light polo shirts are incredibly versatile in a summer wardrobe and a decent collection of chinos.
How would you describe your overall style?
I tend to describe it as “aspiring gentleman” as I’m always trying to learn from my previous styles and evolve it as i get new inspiration. I think it would be considered a little more classic than contemporary but i try to add modern elements into ensembles where I can.
What makes the perfect Summer outfit?
I wouldn’t say there are specific elements for a “perfect” summer outfit, instead it should be something that you are comfortable wearing and reflects your favourite elements of Summer. For me it’s about capturing the casual yet chic fashions that the Italian/French have been using for decades as these are beautifully timeless and give a great subtle summer feel to outfits.
What is the one item you think every man should have in his closet and why?
A lightweight blazer. No matter what the season or time of day it will usually suit your style needs and is wonderfully versatile. It can sharpen up casual outfits and help relax very smart attire.
Name the one accessory that you cannot live without?
My Hawes & Curtis dark tan belt. It’s just a very beautiful design and suits a variety of looks and clothing. Perfect for any time of year.

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