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The solo female traveler tips that you should know about.


The world is slowly opening back up and traveling has become an option for most, especially among the female traveler. TPS is back with more travel content! And these are the tips I am sharing to either help another female who wants to travel alone or explore.

Solo female traveler.

Never share in real-time.

This has to be the first one I need to get out of the way. Along with posting on social media to showcase you’re having the best time ever is okay, but not when you are traveling alone. There’s a saying that if it doesn’t happen on social media, it didn’t take place. However, it’s better to be safe than sharing your exact location in real-time. For example, you want to share a trendy restaurant with your followers. Share hours after you’ve left or even the next day. Share the details and the name of your hotel after you’ve gone to another city or hotel. You’ll never know who’s watching you and posting everything single detail on Instagram is not where it’s at.

Do share your location with family and people you trust.

Uber, and I believe Lyft has a share location tracker. You can send information about who your driver is and your destination of where you are. Do this with dating as well. Share the details of him, where you’re going, take a photo of your outfit etc. If he wants to send a car for you, give the address blocks away of where you staying or just pay for your own Uber.

Do travel with an extra battery pack.

I’ve rounded up a few travel products that you should in another blog post. But this one is absolutely crucial for solo travel. Your phone basically has all of your information within it with the exception of your personal ID. GPS, UBER, MOBILE MONEY SCAN and so much more. I rounded up a few good portable battery chargers here, here, and here. All are under $50.

Do follow your gut instinct. Trust what it’s telling you.

The vibe is off when it comes to meeting someone? Not feeling like you should leave your place? Just follow that instinct ladies.

Bonus: Be aware of your surroundings. Notice everything, people watch. Also, never have your back towards the door and never leave your drink unattended.

What are some of the takeaways you’ve learned about traveling solo? Did I miss anything? Comment and share below.

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