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Spirits in the Garden

Saint Louis,Mo.—I kicked off my Halloween weekend by attending Spirits in the Garden event which was held at the Missouri Botanical Garden on Friday. Yes I came in regular clothes, but I also had the opportunity to view others in their costume. Aside from working and taking some great pics, I was excited to attend because of the great experience I had with Adventures with cocktails, which was held during the Summer of this year.


Entrance to the party!

Of course I got a signature glass along with great coctail mixtures and shots from local distilleries such as Mastermind Vodka, Pinckney Bend and many more.

A shot of Master Vodka’s Pumpkin Harvest….yes you should have a shot in your Pumpkin Spice Latte.
My Vodka Tonic by Pinckney Ben Distillery. Very great mix!
Great Make up!
Great Make up!
I couldn’t help but take a few photos hehe
Outside of popcorn,there was no food there at all period. If there was food, they ran out quickly and it was not replaced…by anything. Mixtures of drinks ran out fast as well which would be expected, but judging from my last experince  I had the opportunity to taste every sample and mixture cocktail of each vendor. With that aside, the event was something to experience if you’ve never been to an event in the Gardens, it’s highly recommended  I do hope they plan to have in house catering at their event from now on. An empty stomach with nothing but Gin, Vodka and Burbon is just not a great mix. Thank you so much Missouri Botanical Gardends for sponorsing this post!
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