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SS’15 Ad Campagin (Tom Ford, Balmain and more)

SS’15 Ad Campagin (Tom Ford, Balmain and more)
Hello Jems!

It has been a while since my last post but at the same time I am working on re-branding and thinking of new ideas for my blog. Heads up I will be starting a vlogger channel on YouTube. Bear with me!

 If you know me you know I love fabulous ish so let’s get right into with my top high end labels which is Balmain, Tom Ford, Burberry, and Roberto Cavalli. Fashion week is seriously right around corner, and well known designer houses are getting ready with their ad campaigns.

Balmain SS ad campaign 2015

I love me some Kim (don’t care what you say). She has always been fashionable to me, but with Kim and Kanye combine, the power couple has taken their fashion to another level. Edgy, sexy, and very diverse, Balmain showcased their SS 14 means wear campaign with Kimye being the face of the Paris fashion house brand. Shout to Olivier Rousteing who is the creative director and the youngest influencer in my opinion in fashion industry today. He very open minded while still having Balmain be relevant to people within his age group. We both have a love for Rihanna so I believe that is why I can love his sense of creativity for every season. (Rihanna is his muse btw) But other than that, Olivier is bringing diversity on the runway and into the world of Fashion and I will continue to watch and support.

Tom Ford SS ad Campaign 2015

What can I say? Aside of being handsome himself, Tom Ford just has the sexist ad campaigns. It screams “I’m wealthy and I can dress well, want screw in the back seat of my Bentley?”  I love a man in a nice suit, when I get to Hollywood to become a stylist and have a chance to dress a few male actors or athletes, Tom Ford is my go to number one designer for men. I love Tom Ford aside of being sexy, its edgy and full diversity.,I am excited to see the collection coming up next year!

Burberry SS ad campaign 2015

This was just added I thought I was going to be done after Tom Ford, but Naomi is still slaying it and looks like Jourdan Dunn sister. I was never much a fan of wearing Burberry, some perfume here and there but I took another look into their collection and really thinking about investing in a coat or two. Their collections are conservative and modern, which is maybe 20% of my personality, but all in all after this ad campaign I am going to give Burberry another try.

Roberto Cavalli SS ad campaign 2015

“CAVALLI DON’T WONT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS HON!”  Yasss! Ms. Nicki Minaj is the face of Roberto Cavalli and I am in love all over again with this fashion brand. I like the fact that Nicki has the curves that cater to a few pieces from Cavalli that any woman would be ashamed to wear, but Cavlli has given in to the “new woman” by placing the rapstress all over his ad Campaign! I am in of a bit of struggle because I love how both Dolce and Gabbann does leopard print as well as Cavalli…ugh (random I know). But back to what I was saying, Cavalli is very sexy and edgy as well, I am also excited to see what comes down the runway and what special pieces Ms. Minaj will have on sitting front row at Fashion week.

Most of all I am excited to see a diversity in all of these ad campaigns. I wish them nothing but the best and cannot wait until February when the madness begins! Until next time…



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