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Staycation style outfit inpso…

Staycation style outfit inpso…

Staycation outfit inspo…

Since it’s officially the best time to travel,  But with my calendar being filled with work work and more work-I don’t see a vacation happening soon. So I made the best with what I have in my city and dressed for the occasion- Staycation. This is a great way to gather your relaxation time, without the hassle of booking an actual trip. Dressing for a staycation outfit is simple, all white outfit, big beach hat and toe complete with chic sandals.

Staycation outfit


For this outfit I picked a linen button up. Yes, it’s a must you steam or iron it because it can easily get wrinkles Overall, the material is very breathable and light. Be cautious because some linen button ups and shirts are see through. Highwaisted denim white shorts, cause let’s face it…I don’t exactly have abs. This particular tote I actually was given to me, it from Neiman Marcus. It’s actually the perfect size for snacks, sunscreen and all things you need for the beach!

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