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STLFW RECAP: #NotIris #Boobproblems

STLFW RECAP: #NotIris #Boobproblems


So Wednesday, if you’ve been following me on Social Media, you knew that night I attend fashion week in Saint Louis. There were some backstage action but then again there was some else involving myself.


For starters, I wore this amazing jumpsuit from FashionNova (not sponsored btw), that had a plunging neckline. I purchased this pull-up tape stuff for my boobs (38DDD BTW) and the ish didn’t work. I mean they held up for like a hot second but other than that they came apart. So now I am…free lol but thank GOD there was MORE THAN ENOUGH material to cover everything. I also had a blazer which was great too just in case….you know. I just had to watch my movements.

Secondly, champagne was passed around and I had more than three to four on top of what I had before that so I was feeling and looking pretty good haha! By the end of the show, I was freaking out because I thought I had the chance to meet and take a picture the Fashion legend Iris Apfel…NOT #notiris. It was another influential woman of fashion…Susan Block. Thank God she was nice lol.



Overall my heels were comfortable and the car wasn’t parked far away so it was mostly a great night. This was also the first event I attend as a guest. This year, I had the pleasure to sit down, enjoy the runway collection from a blogger and stylist point of view.

IMG_2451 (1)               IMG_2427                   IMG_2426

The Caleres Emerging Designer finalist were Haus Alkire, Eckhaus Laata, Azede Jean-Pierre, Houghton and Novis. Congrats to Houghton winning the grand prize of $25,000 towards your growing fashion brand!

STLFW15_2015-04-11_lowres_schwigen-0917-e1446732756296 STLFW15_2015-04-11_lowres_schwigen-4797

Photos by Mark Schwigen/ Alive Magazine

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