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Stlfw Runway Fashion Presentation

Stlfw Runway Fashion Presentation

Thursday night desginer line up featured Yigal Azrouel, Tess Giberson and Timo Weiland, along with a still presentation from Rita Saint Parlor.

So again I did not have the time to take pictures like I wanted to because I was simply working backstage. I had the chance to meet all of the desginers with the expection of Neil Bardon (Rita Saint Parlor).

This was the last showcase for the week and I was excited and amaze to meet and work with each desginer. I really got a inside look on how desginers who showcase their desgins on NYFW work their craft. Very precise and detailed. I was scared to even steam these garments not only because they were expensive pieces, but because they were beautiful in every aspect. The material all the way down to the buttons and zippers. It was…flawless!!

I am grateful to not only volunteer under the ALIVE staff and guest desginers over the past seasons, but also gain experience. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Until next time. 

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