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St.Louis ChaseClub, here’s what I ordered.

St.Louis ChaseClub, here’s what I ordered.

St.Louis, Mo- The ChaseClub restaurant is located inside of the chic and historic Chase Park Plaza hotel. While the show-me state is known for winning sports teams such as the St.Louis Blues and the St.Louis Cardinals- my focus is food. I had the chance to experienced the new and renovated ChaseClub restaurant. I have always been a fan of this hotel, from the gym to the movie theater. Yes, they have a movie theater! So when I was given the opportunity to try out some bites at the ChaseClub gastropub- I could not say no.

Let’s Eat!

Weekends are always for brunch in my personal opinion. Great tasting food, having a great time with amazing people. When picking out a brunch spot here in Saint Louis- my friends and I always go for the new, the familiar, with a handful of options. The Saint Louis ChaseClub is the restaurant that has a great list of varieties when it comes to brunch.


The popular dishes I tired were the creole shrimp and grits and the eggs benedict. Yes, I had two dishes-don’t judge me. Everything was seasoned very well. The creole shrimp and grits were amazing and fulfilling. The portion size for the meals was generous as well. I walked away full and highly satisfied. The eggs benedict was something different, but overall satisfying. The hashbrowns on the side made everything come together so well. Still looking for scrambled eggs and toast with a mimosa on the side, they got you covered. Brunch is offered on weekends from 10am until 2 pm.


With a variety of options to choose from, I picked the very juicy and well-seasoned cheeseburger. You can never go wrong with a burger and I was very well pleased. Which comes very seasoned and nestled inside a warm bun. I had to cut my burger in half to eat it lol, it was huge! The burger comes served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and picks and great tasting french fries.

The Bar Burger!!

Another popular option would be the Bavarian Pretzels with a side of IPA cheddar cheese dip and house beer mustard spread. I am not a fan of pretzels, but for a quick snack, these would be a great option to have. The bread is warm and melts in your mouth on contact. Combined with the cheese dip, the Bavarian Pretzels is absolute perfection. For sure a quick appetizer before the Entree’ comes.

Bavarian Pretzels with a side of IPA cheddar cheese dip and house beer mustard.
St.Louis ChaseClub

The service st the St.Louis ChaseClub was beyond amazing and extremely pleasant. I was very well taken care of and the staff was very helpful when it came to food selections. Also, be sure to ask your servers for the most popular choice if you can’t decide between two or three choices that you want. The bartenders make great drinks and the overall staff was great. Ask for Paul the bartender or Imani the manager, tell them ThePinkSnob sent you.

This blog post was comped /hosted by The ChaseClub.


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