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Summer Essentials: Summer Statement Tops

Summer Essentials: Summer Statement Tops

TPS is covering Summer statement tops ummmmmm yes, please! The extra the better!! The bows, the more ruffles, off the shoulder, one shoulder, one sleeve…should I go on? I am getting excited just thinking about it! The one thing that I share with my readers if you are new to TPS, is that to keep and collect, and greate amount of statement items in their closet. 1. You can wear them all year round. 2. You can wear them season after season because they will never go out of style/ trend(rolls eyes). I can’t stand that word.

Summer Statement Tops

I am such a fan how Self-Portrait creates their tops such as this one here and here. More budget friendly options such as Forever 21 . Also here are a few more here, here and here.

This is just the first stop on this Summer series. Comment and share below what you are looking forward too? Are you a Snob Insider? Sign up for the newsletter and to get some exclusive content.

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