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Snob Tour Summer of Style Day 4: New York City

So I have decided to stay in NYC and check out another blogger babe-Felicia Evalina. Check her out on Instagram and her blog.
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What are your Summer must have items?
This summer like most others, the top must haves are jean shorts, preferably destroyed, a soft jean jacket, and navy&white stripes! Of course I would also suggest white, white & more white! Hats are also a great accessory for the summer and help keep you from that heat!
How would you describe your overall style?
I like to keep it classy chic. I tend to lean towards solids over prints and match neutrals with a few pastel colors during the summer and black during the winter. If I’m feeling fun and beach-y then I’ll do a cute pattern but keep everything else simple to help highlight.
What makes the perfect Summer outfit?
Summer is all about breezy, easy, comfort. The heat and sweat are not an ideal combination so the perfect summer outfit is something made of a light fabric that’s flow-y rather than fitted. This summer, culottes, mid-length skirts, crop tops and rompers are great options!
What is the one item you think every woman should have in her closet and why?
A great casual blazer. This is important to dress up any outfit on your off hours and/or keep work looks trendy. A blazer is also non-seasonal. You can wear it year round!
Name the one accessory that you cannot live without?
Every woman needs a high quality handbag & a great pair of heels. No matter how simple and easy the outfit, a classy bag or stunning pair of shoes can make all the difference. I tend to go for an expensive bag that I know I’ll use forever and keep my wardrobe choices more within budget.
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