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Snob Tour Summer of style Tour: LA Day 1

Hey Snobs,
I am overall tired of the rain here in the STL for two weeks straight rain and dark skies. So I am going on a tour and I am making LA my first stop! I hit up a few of my blogger babes and I hit up my girl Patyon of Hustle+Halcyon. This style blogger travels from Houston to LA.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram! I admire her style and I had to have Payton share her Summer style!
What are your Summer must have items?
Hmmm… Summer Musts. This could be lengthy. Let’s seeeeee:
1. Skin Laundry Hydrating Radiance Face Masks: My new favorite way to hydrate summer skin (very important if you have sun damage!)
2. Bare Minerals Pop of Passion Lip-Oil Balm in Rose Passion: I’m a huge hydration freak (obvi, 1 and 2 on my must have list), and this lip balm offers hydration AND color. Score.
3. A cool, easy tee/tank to throw on with anything: I like the tees & tanks made my Project Social T (sold at Urban Outfitters!). I talk about them a lot on my blog, because I really can’t get enough! May or may not have both styles in multiple colors…. whoops.
Hustle and halcyon Calvins 7
4. A Wide-Brimmed, Stylish Hat: To cover up nasty-azz, greasy summer hair in a flash. Yeah, I’ll admit it, my hair can get a little gross in the summer due to being outside in the sun, exercising in the heat, etc. I also like hats like these to cover my face from the sun… because no thanks, sunburn & skin cancer. I like this hat from Free People right now (I have it in a dull green).
5. Sunscreen! Duh. I have ultra-sensitive skin, so I actually can’t use most sunscreens you find in stores. Convenient, huh? I use baby sunscreen or organic sunscreen and I (try to) remember to reapply often! If I want a super-hot tan… I’ll get a spray. Worth it.
_Breezy Maxi Hustle And Halcyon 27American Jacket Vintage 3
How would you describe your overall style?
My style is a huge mix of a ton of styles. I like girly things, but I’ll always match something girly with something edgy, like studs, leather, or fur. Right now, I like really long, flowing maxis, but I’ll usually break the ‘flowy-ness’ up with something like an arm cuff, gladiator shoes or a wide-brimmed, structured hat. I don’t like to be too much of one thing… I like it all! You can see what I’m sayin’ in Hustle + Halcyon’s style section. 
What makes the perfect Summer outfit?
The perfect summer outfit is lightweight, a little scandalous (love a leeeetle bit of side-boob in the summer.. so sue me) and comfortable all at the same time. Right now, I’m super obsessed with little bralettes (S/O to For Love & Lemons for making the ‘Cross Your Heart’ bra. i.e. my life) under light weight tees and cutoff shorts. So simple, but still sexy.
What is the one item you think every woman should have in her closet and why?
Little black dress. Does this even need an explanation? 
Name the one accessory that you cannot live without?

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