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Summer Travel goals!



Finally we are getting warm weather in Saint Louis! But I have dreams and plans to travel where it’s 80 degrees all the time. A light and gentle breeze blowing my hair in the wind, the sun beaming on my skin, and the water is the color of turquoise.I can so vividly see my toes digging into the hot sand of the beach. I gathered together my top five places to visit this Summer, I am crossing my fingers that I make them.

1) Ibzia, Spain
This is nothing but a island set in the Mediterranean and they party all night long. I guess you live on a yatch because there’s hardly any room or bored. The summer months are best to go.


2)Vegas, NV
I have not been to Vegas since 2012 and that was a business trip. This time I plan to make it fun and catch a few shows while I am out there. But hey if I can make money while I am working on a mini vaca so be it.


3) Los Angeles,CA
No doubt I will be working this summer in LA but at the same time I want to visit the beach, grab a double double from In and Out burger and see the walk of fame.


4) Barbados
No doubt this has been on my wish list for quite sometime. It would be a really inexpensive trip and I have read so much about it, in my head I’ve been there.


5) France (South of France)
Outside of the famous Cannes film festival, I would love to visit the South of France! St. Tropez would be the idea place for me. The restaurants are combine with American and French food, nude beaches (I am working on my body but I would not go nude just topless…what?) and above all a great place to be!  So I have to freshen up on my French very soon. 

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I hope this gives you some inspiration to travel or at least have a idea of a amazing get away. What are some of the dream locations that you want to visit? Comment below!

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