Trending Weekly Picks!


With Summer around the corner(like 2015 like for real its June already) here are the summer trends I see that can make you any IT girl or THE MAN at any Summer Party or Gala.

Going Greek/ Shoes & Dresses

White or colorful Maxi or Mini Goddess dress I am in love with right now!!! They are light in material and can be worn day or night. Rather it’s a day party or a Summer night gala, this style will never be Ancient. These shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti is another must have. Seriously I’ve taken my imaginary black card and bought these two. Now I do understand some people aren’t too quick to pay the price for designer shoes because let’s be honest they cost as much at rent or a persons two week check. Shoe the left $945.00(they are on sale at and Boot on the right $2295.00). For my readers on a budget, the sandal below can be purchase at Target for $29.00.

Men if your reading this stick to LOAFERS!!!
Ladies rule to wearing these shoes Rule 1: Pedicure toes 2. Making sure they fit your feet         


This color I wear all year round. Winter white Summer cream. This color just like black does us curvy women justice! It makes us look dynamic in dresses and jeans. Guys with a solid or muscular build.button down shirts, collar or a simple V-neck shirt is just fine. Both genders cannot go wrong with a blazer either. (Top picture Jeans from AG Adriano Goldschmide$168.00/ Below Dress Target $60.00)


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