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Sundance IndieLounge & LifeandStyle Party

Sundance IndieLounge & LifeandStyle Party

So if you already know that I despise the cold but Sundance (and Aspen) I can make an exception for. The annual Sundance Film festive will be held in Utah again this year from January 21-31! Now while I could not work my charm for all the events, I do have few  for my SNOBS to check out if your are in town during these dates below! Check them out!


12494658_948229135258990_7985361550473213545_n#IndieLounge Main Schedule 1/21-1/26
DAILY : 11am-4pm @GIFTING SUITE & @MAIN LOUNGE #IndieLounge : Gifting, Live Music, Networking, Sampling, Cocktails/Mocktails, Sweet & Savory Waffles, press/media interviews, coffee & more
*THURSDAY 1/21 :7pm-9pm @SCREENING ROOM #IndieLounge : “The Green Fairy” World Premiere
**FRIDAY 1/225:30pm-7:30pm @MAIN LOUNGE #IndieLounge : “Life & Style/Svedka Cocktail Party” w/ live performances by Nikki Lund and Dj Talon Reid
5pm-7pm @SCREENING ROOM #IndieLounge : “Horses & Heros” Screen- ing
9pm-1am @MAIN LOUNGE #IndieLounge : “Horses & Heroes” AfterParty
*SATURDAY 1/232:45pm-3:45pm @MAIN LOUNGE #IndieLounge : Broadview University Panel
5pm-6pm @SCREENING ROOM #IndieLounge : Sean Whalen Meet & Greet
6pm-1am @MAIN LOUNGE #Indie Lounge : Sean Whalen Presents: “The- American Revival Party”
8:30pm-1am @SCREENING ROOM #IndieLounge : CTL +ALT + DTl Screening/AfterParty
*SUNDAY 1/245pm-8pm @MAIN LOUNGE #IndieLounge : Sean Ryan Reception
6pm-8pm @SCREENING ROOM #IndieLounge : “The Green Fairy” Screening
9pm-1am @MAIN LOUNGE #IndieLounge : “The Green Fairy” Tasting Ex- perience & Hot Action Cop AfterParty
8:30pm-1am @SCREENING ROOM #IndieLounge : Bill O’Keefe “America is still the Place” Screening & AfterParty
*MONDAY 1/251pm-? @SCREENING ROOM #IndieLounge : “Range 15” Trailer/Q&A
3pm-7pm @SCREENING ROOM #Indie Lounge : “Latino Reel” Party
9pm-1am @MAIN LOUNGE #IndieLounge :Maxim Magazine Presents “Range 15” Party
*TUESDAY 1/2612pm-2pm @SCREENING ROOM #IndieLounge : “Catching Up” & “First girl I Loved” Lite Bite Reception & Panel

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