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Sunup – The Green Coffee brand you need to know about!

Sunup – The Green Coffee brand you need to know about!


It’s nationalcoffeeday here in the states and outside of my latte I wanted to bring my snobies something different. Sunup is the latest coffee brand you need to know about, why? Simply because Sunup is a very health conscious brand. Sunup is lightly sweetened, GMO, Kosher and Gluten free. Sunup coffee only has two ingredients organic coffee and pure raw sugar with no preservatives. Best served on ice or let sit in your fridge for a few hours until chilled.



My Truth:




I had the opportunity to receive a case of Sunup coffee a few weeks ago. I usually take time out to make my green smoothie but since this is all natural, I figured I can get my energy from Sunup. Grabbing it to go, me and the taste didn’t agree. My taste buds was use to something sweet. The drink is strong, as far as the taste, but since the beans are not burnt, I figured that would be the reason for the taste. It’s basically, an ice coffee brewed from unroasted coffee beans (I am not a coffee expert lol ). It has a very unique and I highly believe this would be a great fit for a fitness or health conscious person. 

If this is you, I have a few samples left, would love to send you out some! Comment below. xoxo

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Photography by Kahla Henry

Thanks so much Sunup for sponsoring this post!


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