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sweater trends

Sweater trends may come and go, but TPS has rounded up a few that are on-trend and versatile. While researching, it’s all repeated trends from the previous year. 2020 was the year of the stay at home comfy cozy style. Sweaters and sweater sets were an absolute hit, especially fashionable knits! However with the world opened back up and Fall around the corner, it’s high time we pull those comfy sets back out. Let’s get into the blog post!

3 Sweater Trends to shop now.

Statement Sweaters

I am a fan of clothing items that are versatile and a statement maker. Whether it’s a blouson sleeve, off-the-shoulder, or cutout, you will for sure get your money’s worth when it comes to these styles of sweaters. They will never go out of trend and if they do, they will most likely come back in style. Also, by choosing and styling your statement sweaters wisely, you’ll be able to wear them on repeat for seasons and seasons to come. Remember to build your wardrobe around these key pieces. You’ll be set every season.

Sweater Trends- Cozy Cardigans.

There’s nothing better than having a sweater that can double as a blanket. Let’s face it, cardigans are there to keep us warm when we don’t feel like grabbing a coat or jacket. They are lightweight, and did I mentioned a few cardigans can double as a blanket?LOL. Nonetheless, short or long, it’s a worthy investment to add to your wardrobe.

Sweater sets.

Blame it on the 2020 stay-at-home orders, but sweater sets are back on for Fall 2021. Yes, if you’ve already got the popular trends from the last season-great. If not, it’s time to hop on board. Why? Because they are versatile. These sets can be a great casual day of running errands, airport outfits, and just lounging around the house. Can we all agree that knits are the best way to go?

So have you added any of these sweaters to your cart? Comment below and share.

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