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Blogging Update 1st qt 2016

It’s the end of the first quarter and I am grateful to say I’ve met most of my goals for 2016! The highlight of the first quarter was simply having the chance to cover Oscar 2016 for Vanity Fair magazine, Hollywood campaign!! It was such an amazing experience and while I didn’t get a chance to see my hubs (Chris Evans) I still plan on having another Vanity Fair Hollywood Campaign moment…very soon!



What’s Next for Quarter 2???

  • I am also working on filling up my blog with more personal style photos as well as making my IG very very pretty.
  • Plan to have 1000 followers on both Instagram and Twitter by July 1st!!
  • Keeping up on my editorial calendar is something, but the main thing is to be consistent.
  • I want to bring my readers, great content and see the world through my eyes. Which means more events and more traveling (cross fingers)!!!
  • Might start up a Youtube, and working with some amazing photographers and graphic designers to add to the mix.
  • Get backing into reading. I feel off and need to stick to re-creating the habit of reading everyday if not for 30min 15min.

What I have learned?


That your goals and your focus are going to change. Keep surrounding yourself with amazing people, and creating dope -ish! Stay in your lane and just stay focused on you and your brand! Not looking to the right or the left, and most of all have fun!!

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