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Breast Cancer awareness! Think PINK

Hey Snobs,!

Sorry if I have been off the radar had a stuffy nose while working on an up and coming project! In the mean time, I connected with a PR pro and he sent me a pretty pink bracelet with a purpose. I want to make it known that we at TPS are always looking for a way to give back whether that’s time, funds or awareness.

I am honored to share the recent partnership of  Jewelry boutique company  Zerhenity who just announced their partnership with Side-Out to donate $5.00 of each sale to clinical trials and patient treatment.

Together, Side out and Zerhenity hope to make a difference for cancer patients worldwide with this limited-time fundraiser. Breast cancer is a disease that is affecting hundreds of thousands of families around the globe. In volleyball, “side-out” means regaining control of the ball. Similarly, the Side-Out Foundation helps people with breast cancer regain control of their lives. Bringing peace and “zerhenity” to the patients and their families are two huge goals for both sides of the net!


A little info on two companies!

The Side-Out Foundation raises millions of dollars that fund their own cutting-edge clinical trials at renowned medical institutions. Their unique approach is successfully extending the lives of people with stage 4 breast cancer. A portion of the money that they raise also goes to high-quality support services for cancer patients and their families.

Zerhenity is a boutique jewelry company whose hand crafted bracelets consist of only high quality glass beads, leather cording, and a little bit of soul. Working with clients is a key to this company’s success as they take custom orders. Zerhenity has an amazing “cult following” who follow them and talk highly of the brand day in and day out.

Make your order today to make a difference!!breast-cancer-awareness/cvse