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The Expert Series: Payton Sartain

The Expert Series: Payton Sartain

Los Angeles, Ca- I would have to say it’s been over six months since I interacted with Payton of Hustle + Halcyon, maybe longer than that. We met on the web through the Lucky community and been in touch since then. Her Instagram to me looks like an editorial feature that I cannot get over. I am so happy that she took out the time to be featured on #TheExpertSeries.  This isn’t the first time Hustle+Halcyon has been featured on TPS. Check out her Summer of Style along with following her on major social media networks.


Twitter/Instagram: @PaytonSartain


What prompt you to start your blog?
Originally, I started my old blog to practice handling social media & blogging and to use as a running resume for a PR/Social Media internship that I wanted in Los Angeles! I started my ‘new’ blog, Hustle + Halcyon, because I just fell in love with blogging and wanted to turn it into a more serious side job!

When do you find time to publish your content?
Well…. I’m a bit addicted to blogging, so I’m constantly jotting down things to post, making time to post, writing, etc. I. cannot. stop. I always MAKE time to work on the blog, even if I SHOULD be doing other things like school, being social, showering (LOL Just Kidding), etc. Whoops.

I went to facebook and asked “As a blogger, what are your struggles?” Traffic was the main one. What do you suggest bloggers do as far as gaining traffic to their site?

Ugh. Traffic is the WORST. Sometimes I’ll have a random post go somewhat ‘viral’ and somedays I’ll get a small amount of views on a post that I was SURE was going to be a hit. To up your traffic, I saw DEFINITELY pay attention to your audience ( I use Google Analytics to study them.. muahahhah I feel like an evil genius ). Post when they are likely to be online, always notice what types of posts they like ( and post these post types often ), take note of how they are finding your site ( social media? Google search? ), and take advantage of these analytics. For me, I know my readers mostly access the site around 6-8pm Central time, so I post around 5:30 pm. I know that a lot of my readers come from Pinterest & Facebook, so I heavily promote on these outlets. Getting traffic to your blog & studying your audience is a job in ITSELF.


Where do you find inspiration?
OMG. Everywhere. I love to browse Pinterest. That’s probably where I find the most inspo. I also get inspiration from readers, friends, and other bloggers. I like to take something another blogger has done ( like a recipe or something ) and change it up a bit to make it my own, and then link back to their blog with sharing it with my audience. It’s kind of fun and feels more collaborative. Blogging can be lonely, so this is very inspiring!

What are your tactics for gaining followers on social media?
BRANDING. I interned at the AMAZING brand ‘For Love & Lemons’ as a Social Media intern for about 6 months. I helped manage & ‘modeled’ for their Instagram ( which is about to hit about 2 million followers! ) all day, every day. I learned SO much ( & I may do a post on this too! ) about branding via Social Media. Always, Always, Always, stay ‘on brand.’ This means keep a similar aesthetic ( i.e. always using the same/similar filters, stick to your style, etc ) throughout images & posts. So, your Instagram feed should look like your BRAND. Images should be similar enough to tie them all together, but different enough to keep things interesting. Another tip: be SOCIAL on SOCIAL MEDIA! Shocking, right? Always answer comments & spread the love to other bloggers & such! I love to follow people with similar interests ( no matter HOW MANY followers they have ) and comment on their photos, retweet them, like their FB posts, etc. Make some social media friends!

How do you find the time to keep everything in order with an editorial calendar?
 I am a student, and that takes time as well! I have a VERY VERY loose editorial calendar, as I don’t like to schedule posts out too far in advance ( unless I HAVE to ). It does make things more difficult, but I feel more genuine when I update my readers a bit on my life in my posts! I can’t schedule my real-life happenings out that far! ( Though I wish I could…. )


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