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How to get invited to Fashion Week Shows.

Invites to Fashion Week
invited to fashion week

You are a lover of Fashion, and getting invited to Fashion Week in New York City, Paris, London, and Milan would be a dream, right? It’s really simple and easy, all you would have to do is just do the work and research. Most of you reading this know I am a fashion stylist, so I receive invites by default. I am also a blogger from time to time lol. So to get invites has been a breeze the last few seasons. But, before I was even working shows in New York and attending shows in Paris for fashion week, I took these three steps below.

  1. Research.

There is no way around it. You have to do your research, of who, when, what, and where. In this step, you are doing “the how”- this is the work. has a list of contacts for you to email the person (usually would be publicists) that is handling the invites. When sending an email, be sure to keep it short sweet and simple. It’s straight to the point with these people. Also, you will have to give them a reason to invite you, and not just because you love fashion. Here’s your chance to be creative. It’s trade.

2. Know someone.

When I went to Paris last year for fashion week. I met some cool chicks while standing in line. You will never know who you’re chatting up.

3. Get this App.

If you are in the field of fashion, GPS Radar is the app to download. Sign up and search this app to request invites for shows and events from all over the world. You can also publish content as well. Heads up, you have to be pre-approved before gaining access.

4. Follow up

Be sure to follow up and touch base a week or so after sending your first install email. Check out this email software called streak. This can show you if your email has been read or not.

There you go! These are the steps I took to get invited to Fashion Week shows. Comment and let me know how these tips worked for you.