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Why high-waisted skinny jeans will always be my thing.

Why high-waisted skinny jeans will always be my thing.

When it comes to high-waist denim, I will always pick the skinny. I have long legs, and cute shoes to show off. So why not? I can also wear them all year around-minus the distress. High-waisted skinny jeans for me always seem to just hold everything in for me when it comes to my figure, and it overall is just my personal style choice. 

My go-to denim brands are AG Jeans, Banana Republic, Gap, and Lucky Brand denim. Thrifting is always a good idea too. Below, I have gathered up some very very good skinny jeans I have or will be purchasing soon. Remember, if you are shopping for the trend, you are wasting money. The trend can be found at the thrift or if its something you really really want. Other than that, making investments in items that you can wear all year round and season after season is a great idea. 

My Outfit.


  • Shirt and Blazer// Thrifted.
  • Similar shirt here.
  • Similar blazer here.



high-waisted skinny jeans

High-waisted-Skinny Jeans.

Do you own a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans or denim you can wear year after year? Comment below and share this blog if you care!

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