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SnobLuxe: FORWARD by elyse walker

SnobLuxe: FORWARD by elyse walker

SnobLuxe feature for this week is FORWARD by elyse walker. I couldn’t help but bring this online shopping destination to your attention. If you haven’t heard about FORWARD by elyse walker, this site caters to both men and women delivering everything to you nothing but high end fashion. From accessories to clothing, FORWARD by elyse walker has everything to feed your inner snob.

The brand that I am loving right now that is featured on the site, is UNRAVEL. This brand feeds my rebel sexy side and I can’t help but to have this Destroyed Raglan Crewneck Sweater in my closet. LOOOVVEEE IT!

Below I have created and gathered a list of top 6 items that I have personally chosen from FORWARD by elyse walker. Not only are these items were inspired by Spring, this is also the season for weddings, rooftop parties, day trips and just over all fun.



1. Needle & Thread Sleeveless Lace Foliage Dress.

2.  Alexis- Kylie Top 

3. Self-Portrait Lace Frill Mini Dress.

4.Alexis- Chanelle Romper.

5.  NICOLAS Guipure Lace Cocktail dress.

6. Alexander McQueen Off-The-Shoulder Lace Sweater.