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The Expert Series: Megan Elliott

The Expert Series: Megan Elliott

33334728Atlanta-GA.Megan Elliot of Lush to Blush is our first expert to be featured on #TheExpertSeries. I believe it was over a year ago I stalked (lol) Megan on Instagram a few months back and we connected ever since. With close to 50k followers combined on key social media networks, and working her blog full-time, Megan is an awesome influencer to dish out her tips and secrets to her success!

Twitter: @lushtoblush ; Instagram: @lushtoblush

What prompted you to start your blog?

I started my blog in 2012 when the online magazine I was writing for folded. I needed a creative outlet and a friend suggested I start a blog. I did it that day!

When do you find time to publish your content?
I don’t have much time at all, but my blog is my full time job, so I spent about 70 hours a week on it. I don’t sleep.

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I went to facebook and asked “As a blogger, what are your struggles?” Traffic was the main one. What do you suggest bloggers do as far as gaining traffic to their site?
– I think a great way to gain traffic is to create great, authentic and organic content. Posts that seem too forced don’t do well – readers can tell! Another great way is to connect with fellow bloggers for collaborations that benefit both bloggers by featuring each other.


Where do you find inspiration?
– I find inspiration mostly in my travels. I LOVE to travel and do it as often as I can. I think it’s so important to see the world.

Define the terms of a Sponsored post
– A sponsored post is when a brand pays a blogger to write about their brand or a product. There may or may not be specific agreed upon terms, but the blogger should always be truthful and authentic.

Photo Credit: Johnny Cheng

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