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Luxury wishlist from TheRealReal.

Luxury wishlist from TheRealReal.

If you’ve haven’t heard of TheRealReal, you’ve been under a rock. It’s one of the many Luxury consignment shops online and with a retail store in New York and Los Angeles. Gucci, Chanel, and Prada are all housed in their inventory. All items are 100% real authentic designer goods and they are worth the investment.

I’ve been looking through my wishlist to view items that I intend to purchase for certain events. So let’s check out my top xx items on my wishlist


From Chanel to Hermes, these are just a few brands you should invest in and hints why they are on my wishlist. It’s a great way to buy a bag that you’re looking for but for a lower price. Especially, if its a simple black classic Chanel or Louis Vuttion speedy bag with the blod desing of Marc Jacobs and a vintage Dior print handbag.



Missed a season or so of your favorite designer shoe? What if that shoe was a one season thing and is no longer made? I cannot guarantee this, but you can for sure purchase some great finds from desingers.



If you are a collector of vintage jewelry, The Real Real has a great option of items to choose from. I want to start collecting Chanel brooches like this one. TheRealReal I would say is a top collector of these amazing finds.

The Real Real wishlist.

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