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5 Influencer agencies that every blogger should know about.

5 Influencer agencies that every blogger should know about.

It’s a New Year! And I thought I’d share a few influencer agencies that every blogger should know about. I started my blog (ThePinkSnob) in October 2014. The one thing that motivated me was FREEDOM! Freedom to work from anywhere in the world and get paid for it. While it’s hard work and rejection sucks, I always find myself celebrating the little wins.

Since Summer 2020, TPS has been able to work with brands on more than just gifted products. November of 2020 is where I landed a $300 paid Instagram campaign. Another campaign for that same month was for $75. And your girl had under 1500 followers on Instagram.

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Results may vary and I am just sharing information. Please contact the support team on the influencer page regarding any questions or concerns. Now, let’s get into the money and get to work. 

5 Influencer agencies

Activate + Impact radius:

I’ve been active on this site for over a year. I got a bit discouraged because I either got declined or no response back at all. Paid and non-paid. Pitching required. Pay 60 days net (I got paid in 30). Impact Radius recently acquired Activate influencer platform. Source here >> Impact Acquires ACTIVATE Influencer Marketing Platform – Impact

Social Native:

No Pitching required- at least from the campaigns that I’ve completed. Payment are sent in two weeks (14 business days ) after campaigns are completed.


Some pitching is required. So far, its affiliate linked based with an option for cash prizes for completing missions. They do have a app that you need to download.


I forgot honestly how I came into contact with this company. However, once you sign up, you will receive opportunities via email. (30 day net so far for pay)

Shopstyle & Rewardstyle:

Both companies are popular affiliate links. Earn a commission for the links and displays. As far as pitching, I am entirely not sure. I believe the brand will reach out to you.

Additional agencies to follow and research are featured below.  Also, you can always pitch brands by looking up their contact info or sliding them into their DMs. 




Open Influence.



The Cirqle.

Did I miss any? Comment and share below!

This blog post contains affiliate links.

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