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May 2020 -Blogging recap.

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May 2020, where do I even start? Creating content this month was difficult due to the current events. Of course I’d love to share all my fashion and beauty tips, but I also wanted to bring additional content that was of value, relatable, and lighthearted. TPS, will always place value before views when it comes to content creation. So my blog post was all over the place and I really didn’t want to rehash content from last month. Especially since some states where already in the recovering process and opening back up.

So, I deiced to put my focus on rebranding my website. This has been a goal since the beginning of the year too! I decided to purchase a new theme and shopr widget both from Pipdig. I also set funds aside for professional photographers, upgrade some tech and so much more.

My own photo.

I am excited for things to get back to normal. I am also excited about the up and coming Summer content too! I also have made an effort to post content once a week for the month of June and maybe July. The goal is to be consistent for 2020. With added work, along with me wanting a personal life- something needed to go. I’ve been burned out before-not fun!

What were some of your takeaways from this blog post? What are a few products or programs that you’ve invested in for your business? Comment and share below.

Photographer: @cavins_photography

April Blogging recap.

April Blogging recap.

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