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Under $100 Must have beauty products

I know what you’re thinking while you are reading this…Are they crazy? Well, that depends on the situation, but over the past year I have become obsessed with good beauty products. Not to say I have graduated from great drug store brands, but after research and receiving a few samples it was just time to make the investment.


1) Christian Dior Hydra line- $60

Let’s be clear Christian Dior  anything is amazing, but I have become impressed and amazed with their beauty line. From their primers to their Capture Totale Dreamskin serum (which did not make the list because its $115 on up). Dior has an impressive beauty line for all skin types. This moisturizer comes in both a day form for spf and a night from which caters to different types of skin types. It really melts into the skin.

Benefit: Reinvigorating and plumping the facial features of the skin.



2) Laura Mercier Foundation- $45 to $50

Not only does this foundation make your skin look flawless, but it also comes in a variety of shades and cater to all skin types. If you are looking to upgrade your foundation collection, Laura Mercier is perfect and a must have and a great investment.

Benefit:  I woke up like this!!! Flawless



3) Glamglow $70

This product is a supermud clearing treatment. So it handles all the skin concerns from dark spots to black and white heads. Men can benefit from it as well because it also takes care of razor bumps.

Benefits: Deep cleaning and clearing treatment. Both men and women can use it.



4) Hourglass Primer- Veil Mineral Primer $52-72

Great for all skin types, very lightweight but with a heavy impact.

Benefits: Great for all skin types



5) REN Micro Polish cleanser $30

Want to get rid of dead skin? This is an upgrade from St.Ives. You can for sure see the difference and feel it as well.  Not only does it gently exfoliate the skin but it’s also a foaming mousse that cleanses and it leaves the skin feeling amazing.

Benefits: 2 in 1