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A Snob in Paris

Black girl in Paris

A Snob In Paris

Hey Snobs, after getting settled in -yes I needed two weeks, I am excited to share my trip to Paris France. From the fresh croissant to the amazing sites and views, let’s get into this post. 

I planned this trip for a business purposes-I am a wardrobe stylist so to connect with designers during Paris Fashion Week was a thing a must! I also have never traveled outside the States before. Yes, this was a big deal for me!  I arrived at the Charles De Gaulle airport at 1 pm, and took the metro to the Airbnb which was around 10 euros round trip. Outside of the annoying and very loud metro rapper,  the overall ride into the city of Franc was amazing to look at.  I arrived at my Airbnb greeted with a bottle of red wine, and the apartment looked exactly how it does on the Airbnb site. The apartment is spacious, clean and gave me that home away from home experience. I had the option to cook, however, the oven was something I had to figure out. LOL, the knobs was not like an American stove…let’s just say google does wonders.

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Getting around.

Metro ride from the Airport to the Airbnb.

I used the metro and walked the majority of the time. Walking around and seeing the sights that the City of Light offered was EVERYTHING! I used Google maps for my travel destinations- it’s very accurate. Of course the option for a cab and Uber were always there. I highly suggest taking the metro and walking throughout the day. I seriously think that  I was always walking distance from something. Example, the Louvre is not that far from Notre Dame walking distance. You cross the Seine and get that beautiful view of the Eiffel tower. There is just so much to see in between time. I know I spent hours just admiring the buildings, the lifestyle. Everything within the city and chic and pretty. OMG where do I sign up for my Visa???

Using your Cell Phone.

WI-FI is almost everywhere, but using your own data could be slow. Your services also will switch (Hint: Look at the previous picture, It says Orange F on the top left corner instead of T-Mobile).  The good thing is the local bakeries, McDonald’s, and Starbucks provides free wi-fi. I also believe you can purchase a sim card for faster 4G? Not sure. 

What to expect and What I did daily.

My morning routine consisted of grabbing a Cafe Latte’ (coffee with milk, I then added sugar), a pastry, some fruit, and half of a baguette. I explored the area that I lived in and also headed to the tourist spots. Honestly, you can spend hours people watching and shopping.

You cannot visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Galleries Layfattee. There is also a Shakespeare bookstore which I believe was by the Note Dame Cathedral- It was too crowded so I left. That area is good also for going out and twerking from time to time. HAHA. I am sure there were Landmarks and secrets spots I didn’t get to see, but that’s why there’s always next year!

As for shopping, of course, there is the Champs Elysees, but we cannot count out the Vintage spots.

OOHHH LET ME TELL YOU THO!!! But before we started shopping, we ate brunch at a HolyBelly. Warning, they will not seat you unless your entire party is there. So no holding seats here. Other than that, the food was good and the restaurant clean to perfection even the bathroom. 

The vintage stores that we took advantage of were EPISODE and KILO. EPISODE is a bit pricey for a vintage store but also had some great finds and amazing fur coats. But KILO has a $1 bin, some items are prices, the rest is done by a weight scale.


This cafe was walking distance from the Apartment!

Bread and wine, Bread and Wine then some cheese LOL. I didn’t try any snails, I kept it very American. Burger and fires, I like my burgers very well done, no red. Which is what I should have requested this particular restaurant. The burger was still good and seasoned well it was still red. But I was hungry so I ate it.

@HolyBelly Yummm!

There were restaurants everywhere, but I always had my budget days. While getting lost to my Airbnb, I stumbled upon an Italian restaurant (Bar Ilbari) with pasta plates costing 6 euros. Now the owner doesn’t speak English very well, but he kept pressing us to get the sandwich because the pasta will take too long. I really didn’t care sir, just give me my pasta like-BRUH!!

Overall Paris, France and worth the investment. I highly endorse!