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Business Page: Property Matrix

The reason I started this business section was to attract like-minded individuals. Entrepreneurship I hold it near and dear to my heart and it takes a special person to pursue a business. Me personally, if the economy is up or down I personally take an interest in Real Estate.  While I was researching the many levels of Real Estate, there are many options to choose from when if you ever wanted to get involved. From being an investor to property management.




Property management is a very important role in real estate. Their job is to oversee and control the property rather that be commercial, real estate, and or residential. I recently connected with two Tech entrepreneurs who wanted me to share the benefits of their software Property Matrix.

No more spreadsheets and paperwork to look through, Property Matrix has everything at your fingertips.




  • This is a cloud base management software which allows you to run the application from the web which frees up your server.
  • Have an entire view of all the units in one single platte while you manage multiple buildings on your tablet.
  • Unit breakdown something similar to what you would see on Trulia giving the potential owner/renter a written direction of the property. Ex: Hardwood floors, 2 ½ bathroom, fireplace, etc.
  • It is very user-friendly for the person is not a wiz kid.
  • The software is used for residential property managers and manages many aspects of their business. We handle online rent payments, tenant portals as well as electronic lease signatures


I believe that this software will make your company run smoothly. For more information and to receive a free demo of the application software.