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How to Budget & Save for your next Vacation.

How to Budget & Save for your next Vacation.

It’s that time of the year to start planning your next vacation. However, I am going to be honest with you. Whenever I travel, I always just use the funds I had and expect funds coming in Example, I’m getting paid when I’m there. While I did have a budget under $1000 for Paris, there were some funky situations that happened. I know now how to fix that problem. Let’s get into some examples outside of using the check to check method.

Research ahead of time.

Where is it that you want to go? How long are you going to stay there? Will you visit this place to be a tourist, chill or both? This is the most important part. Once you know when, where and why.

EXAMPLE: Italy May28-June 6 (10 Days)

Write everything down.


Air BNB: $632.00 (They have deposits now where you can pay partial later)

Airplane: Roundtrip $500 (not inculding lugguage fees)

These two are the most important to look for first and write down because above anything else. You need to get there and you need a place to shower and lay your head. Total $1,132 for room and board. You can always make a purchase for a one-way ticket and pay your deposit first to get things going. That same month or next you can also book your ticket home along with paying your remaining deposit.

Do keep in mind the high and low seasons because this does have a major effect on rates. Now we can get into random stuff like a day trip to London (Roundtrip under $100) or Bari (which is still in Italy, you can catch a train and spend a day at the beach. Then there’s food and all the touristy stuff. Items like these you can pay for after your hotel and flight is paid in full.

Know how much you need to save.

Now that you know it’s going to be a total of $1,132 for Flight and Stay. We are now budgeting another $800-$2,500 for spending, lugguage fees, food etc. Also, you should get your money transferred to the Country currency before you get there. Take out at least $100-200 dollars in that’s countrys currcney. You don’t want your bank to charge a percentage every time you use it for food, train rides and etc. Download the currcey app to figure the conversion.

Example: Hotel and flight paid for now we’re saving for spending$2,500.

My trip is 6mos away I need to save $417 per month (I rounded up)

Let’s say you get a check twice a month That’s $208 per pay period/ Get paid weekly that’s $104.25 or round it up $105. Also, if there’s a month where an extra check-yes you put that towards it too.

Don’t touch it!!

If this is something you really want to do-it will happen. Place this in an account that you cannot touch but view to see how much you have already saved. You already know how much money you need to total for the room, transportation, and food. Everything else is just fun spending cash.

  • Make your food, coffee, and cocktails at home.
  • Pay the important bills first.
  • If you can walk anywhere do it to save gas.
  • Don’t go out to events that cost, networking sure. If its not making you money then it’s not that big of a deal.

Remember you’re saving up all your fun for this trip!! I hope this helped. Have you saved for a trip? Tell me your tips for saving. Comment and share below.

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