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Snob Tour Summer of Style Day 7: STL

Hello Snobs,

I hope you are enjoying this Summerofstyle tour! We are in STL with one of my blogger babes Jill Frins –StilettosonSundaymorning. Blogger, DJ and all around cool chick. Follow her on social media!


1) What are your Summer must have items?

My summer must have items are oversized sunnies, big hat, and sunscreen!

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2) How would you describe your overall style?

My overall style is currently a funky, evolving mashup of updated rock star style chic, with a lot of denim obsession. I’m sort of trying to fit into a bunch of boxes all at once: grunge chic, 90s revival, indie rock band dropout, college art teacher… It doesn’t make much sense but I love wearing and combining different styles!

3) What makes the perfect Summer Outfit?

My perfect summer outfit would have to be lightweight layers! I love high-waisted denim shorts, with a low western style boot, a kimono or breezy button-down, a floaty scarf, big glasses, and a wide-brimmed at. You want to be able to stay cool, but still look interesting!

4) What is one item that every woman should have in her closet and why?

I think every woman should definitely have the little black dress. Just make sure that it represents your personal style. My go-to is a slim-cut, almost knee-length black dress with an overlay of thick crochet. It’s classic but not expected. That or a great pair of skinny jeans that make you feel like you could take on the world.

20150412-5D3_4962 brunch6

5) Name one accessory you cannot live without.

Holy cow, that’s a hard one! I wear a number of sterling silver rings every day, all day. Sometimes, every finger is adorned. However, there are a couple that I never take off: One is a claddagh, which I like to wear because of its tie to Irish heritage and its symbolism, and the other is a thick band with etchings on it. They’re part of my style identity, and I can’t image a day without them. At the end of each summer, those fingers have fun little tan lines on them!
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