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The Faux Leather Statement Top I had to purchase….

faux leather statement tops

Cooler temps are called for great statement pieces, and Faux Leather statement tops are on my list! On my recent trip to Chicago, I had to hit up Zara. I found this chic Faux Leather statement top-it was an instant purchase. I then decided to make items such as this apart of my Fall/Winter season wardrobe. Outside of this item is so chic, it’s soo 80’s-check out the puff sleeves!¬†Although I do have a few Faux Leather items here and there, I figured it was now time to curate a collection for the entire season. There are just so many ways and styles I can pair just this one top. And most likely, you are all going to see it on Instagram and the blog!

Faux Leather Statement

Nothing beats a statement top. You already know this is something I talk about all the time. Purchase items that are an investment, and or makes a statement. For sure you can wear this over and over again. Season after season and thats it!

How to Style Faux Leather items.
These faux leather pants a few years go I purchased from Banana Republic.

Of course, you can always pair your faux leather with a pattern, pop of color, a solid color and my personal fave-denim. Faux leather comes in a varity of colors- not just black. Would I suggest wearing this material in the dead hot heat of Summer? I mean, only if you want too. LOL, but I won’t. I can say this is the special thing about it getting a bit cooler.

Below, I’ve gathered a few items that are on my wishlist of Faux Leather Statement tops I am looking to buy. Do you have any faux leather statement tops? Are you looking to make a purchase?

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Faux Leather Statement Tops.


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