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5 Ways | How to pitch to brands as a Content Creator.

How to pitch to brands as content creators with a small following. Influencer marketing is a 100 million-plus dollars business yet, some businesses don’t understand how it works. Let’s start with this first- asking a creator to review or create content for your business in exchange for a product is very much rude. While this also depends on the creator, your bank will never accept the product in exchange for your mortgage, and neither should a creator. If your brand doesn’t have more than enough marketing funds, reaching out to a potential creator, no matter their following is just bad for business.

We all talk to each other.

Affiliate marketing is different, however, as creators, we are already working on commission. Outside of sending the product (that we can most likely pay for ourselves) what’s the benefit of exclusively creating FREE content that your brand can use?

Now this section is for the creators. While it’s great to build your resume up, know when it’s time to ask for a budget and add tax on that. You also need to add value to your brand while pitching to the brands you want to work with. While I’ve rounded up an idea, please be sure you can deliver the results for the brand. No scams! Lastly, the services below can feature yourself or just the overall product. It’s also optional for you to post these photos on your social channels.

5 How to pitch to brands as a Content Creator.

Lookbook: Reach out to a local or growing business to produce content for their online boutique. I have a background in fashion so creating a lookbook would be super easy for me to do. It would be similar to just shooting your ootd.

Batch Content: Think of creating still images and videos for the brand to have batch content. You can also throw in editorial calendar assistance, Caption creation, and more. If you are consistent with creating content, this should be a breeze for you. Quarterly or seasonal assistance.

Have brands to purchase your photos: Example, a brand wants to use your photo for marketing, organic content etc. They would either A. Have you to reply YES, or B. Send you DM about it. You should then instead email the head of Marketing or PR to pitch them on selling your photos. Creating content for yourself first is key when it comes to this as well.

Shoot their up-and-coming camping/ Creative Director: This would be no different than creating a lookbook but maybe with fewer clothes or whatever the campaign is to feature.

Social Media Management: Weather this is a freelance project or direct-hire, management of a brand’s social media channels brings a ton of value. Not only you are an expert, but you also love the brand so presenting their content in the best light would be the perfect fit.

Lastly, pitch with confidence. You go this! Your mindset is everything. Have I missed anything? Comment and share below.

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